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Технологии – DEKA Enhances Quality Of Life with EOS
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DEKA Research & Development Corporation is a growing company, focused on the development of radical new technologies that span a diverse set of applications. The people at DEKA focus on designing advanced medical products which are easier to use, more accurate, and more functional than the products they are replacing.


DEKA focuses on technologies that enhance quality of life. In many cases that means developing medical devices and products that aid the people who need them most. Some of these allow healthcare professionals to deliver better care, while some enable people to live better lives, with more mobility, more freedom, and less discomfort.



By using EOS laser-sintering technology and an EOSINT M 270, DEKA was able to develop a complete humeral mount for a fully integrated prosthetic arm. This complex part has been produced quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality.



• Quick and cost-effective production

• Single step, fully automatic build process

• Part accuracy and high surface quality

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