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Технологии – Athlete Wins Gold Medal at Paralympics with Laser-Sintered Orthesis
ГлавнаяМедицинаAthlete Wins Gold Medal at Paralympics with Laser-Sintered Orthesis 


Numerous sportsmen and -women have again shown amazing achievements in Beijing despite their physical impairments. At the same time they carry the hopes of, and are an example to, a much greater number of viewers worldwide who have to struggle with similar disabilities. One such person, who has excelled himself in recent years even though the medical prognosis had prescribed him a wheelchair, is German professional racing cyclist Michael Teuber. He asserted himself in the 24-kilometre individual road time trial at Ming Tom Reservoir and won a gold medal in the Paralympics 2008 in Beijing. A key to his success was the laser-sintered orthesis he wore during the race.



Prostheses and ortheses should be build in such a way as to compensate the patient‘s handicap exactly. In the case of the professional racing cyclist Michael Teuber, who has regained control of two-thirds of his upper thigh muscles after years of training, an orthesis is required which not only matches the shape of his leg and foot precisely, but which also fulfils his special cycle racing requirements with regard to stability, weight and aeration.



During the development of this orthesis, the orthopedic technology company Ortema and the engineering consultants Junior & Tacke employed the lasersintering technology from EOS. They subsequently established a technological milestone: using EOS technology and CAD data, it was possible to produce an orthesis made of polyamide for Michael Teuber. Compared to his existing leg brace, the orthesis provides numerous advantages. Not only is the new orthesis lighter, more robust and more durable. It is also tailored exactly to Teuber‘s anatomy, and thus can serve both as a support for his lower leg and as a shoe. The laser-sintering process makes it possible to create a perfect fit. Due to the inner structure of the orthesis, the ventilation of the leg and foot is optimized.



• Light, robust and durable ortheses

• Precisely tailored to the individual anatomy

• Perfect fit, optimal aeration via the inner structure

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