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Current demographic developments show that people will grow older, yet at the same time want to stay flexible and free to move. In addition, the number of younger people needing orthopedic implants e.g. after severe sport injuries, is also growing. In cooperation with universities and clinical partners EOS seeks to develop better solutions for patient-friendly, customized orthopedic implants for future generations.



A variety of techniques and materials are already being used very successfully for orthopedic implants in the medical area. Yet with many patients an endoprosthesis can become loose within a period of ten years, consequently leading to pain or inflammation. In a worst case scenario this can make revisionary surgery inevitable with a potential change to the endoprosthesis. This can be challenging with younger patients as for them, revisionary surgery can only be done twice.



Laser-sintering technology enables the design of implants with special, at times very complex structures. For example, this offers the possibility to reduce the stress shielding effect. Future medical devices produced on the EOSINT M 270 system enable a patient-specific fit and geometries. This leads to a better compatibility and as such reduces the follow-up costs of the treatment.



• Less bone and cartilage removal

• Preserves the joint for future surgical options

• Potential for less post-operative pain

• Shorter post-operative recovery time

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